Thermoseal Gasket Material

In stock materials ready to custom cut to any shape or size with or without adhesives.

Thermoseal materials are found virtually everywhere fluids or gases have to be safely contained and moved through pipelines and systems. These materials provide fluid sealing and control products to a broad range of industries including petrochemical, food, paper, mining, and steel.

compressed fiber gasket

Compressed Fiber

Compressed fiber gaskets are non-asbestos, calendared gasket materials suitable for most applications. Click to learn more about Garlock Equivalents.

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Graphite Laminate

Flexible graphite laminate gasket materials use only the highest quality graphite foils with a variety of inserts. These materials are available with an anti-stick coating that avoids sticking, aids in easy remove, and keeps flanges cleaner. Click to learn more about Garlock Equivalents.

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PTFE Gasketing

PTFE based sealing materials offer excellent resistance to chemical attack and are designed to cater to the majority of gasket applications. Gaskets of these materials have exceptional chemical resistance to strong acids and caustic substances and provide outstanding creep resistance to prolong time between service periods. 

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