In-House Tooling

No downtime, no delays.

Ready to get your project started?


We can build steel rule die as large as 78 inches by 52 inches.

We bypass delays associated with ordering a new tool or waiting
on the repair of a broken one.

Offering quick turn around for the most complicated steel rule dies.

Regardless of your industry, part or application, our in-house-tooling department is equipped with a variety of the latest advanced technologies that the industry has to offer. This allows us to produce multiple projects at a time with speed and accuracy. Every die that we produce is guaranteed for the life of your project. We build it, we run it, we guarantee it!

Working faster and delivering precision and quality

Depending on application we provide steel rule dies from 2 pt up to 4 pt and heights from .937 up to 2.6 inch. Bending the most complicated shapes with sharpness and precision.

We use the finest quality die board materials with our high-speed laser to create the most complicated die lines with precision. This enables us to handle multiple tooling projects at one time without bottlenecks.

In addition to our standard stock punches we can also provide customized punches if you part requires features with unique forms or diameters. Depending on the material the die is cutting, we can do full ejection rubber or piece rubber.

Guaranteed quality.

We guarantee every tool will last for the life of your project. We build our steel rule dies in house to meet your demands with durability and precision in mind.

Variable sizes and options.

We also offer custom machined punches for various holes and slots that require tight tolerance. Our tool-room can build a maximum size steel rule die of 78” x 52” and typical lead time to complete any tool is 3 days or less.