Custom-Cut Foam Inserts and Packaging

Get custom-cut foam inserts in any shape or size in a variety

of different foam materials and colors.



1 - 5 Days

We can create 1 part or 1000's at a time.  Choose from over one thousand stock materials — including a variety of colors and textures. Whether your designs are simple or they're complex and include adhesives, we can handle it. Also, we can work in sizes from .125" X .125" up to 50" X 72"  X 72".

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3 - 7 Days

Do you need hundreds or even millions of pieces? We can produce them here. Our in-house tooling and laminating capabilities speed up the work, and we have thousands of in-stock and readily available engineering-grade materials, including custom colors or textures. From small simple projects to large complex projects, we are ready to start when you are.

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Need help designing foam inserts to meet your application? No problem, we can help!  

Custom packaging from foam to meet

any project to protect your products.  

•  Analytical Instruments

•  Aquaculture

•  Artwork

•  Audio/Visual Equipment

•  Cabinets

•  Cable & Wire

•  Cigars

•  Custom Packaging Sales Kits

•  Electrical Components

•  Electronics

•  Firearms

•  Flowers & Plants

•  Framed Artwork

•  Fresh Fruit & Food Products

•  Furniture

•  Gift Baskets

•  Glassware

•  Industrial Equipment & Supplies

•  Investment Castings

•  Lighting

•  Medical Devices, Products & Supplies

•  Musical Instruments

•  Optical Components

•  Parts & Accessories

•  Pharmaceuticals

•  Precision Tools

•  Prosthetics

•  Refrigerated Food Products

•  Safety Equipment

•  Sheet Metal

•  Windows

•  Wine & Liquor

We work with a variety of foam materials.

Specify a material or allow one of our experts to recommend a material 
based on impact and vibration protection for your products. 

Most Common Foams

for Packaging:

•  Polyethylene Foam

•  Polyether Foam 

•  Expanded Polystyrene Foam

•  Anti-Static Foams 

•  Polyurethane

•  Cross-link

•  EPS

•  and more…

Protective Foam

Packaging Inserts for:

•  Manufacturers

•  Retailers

•  Distributors

•  Marketers

•  Orchards

•  Pack & Ship Centers

•  Gift Pack Shippers

•  eBay Shippers

For anyone seeking maximum protection for their products:

•  Electronic components, medical devices, equipment, furniture

•  Fragile gifts, breakables, glassware, perishables

•  Protection against shock and vibration during handling, shipping, and warehousing  

Adhesive Laminating

Rapid Die-Cut invested in lamination modernization with the capability of applying adhesives to all materials on multiple sides. We can also laminate multiple materials together and supply them in rolls, in sheets, or individually.

Polyethylene / Polyurethane  

There appear to be many misconceptions about the differences between polyurethane and polyethylene foam.

Here are some facts to help guide you in understanding how these foams differ in their specifications:

What is polyethylene foam?

Polyethylene is a firm, closed-cell foam. The polymer molecules are cross-linked providing more rigidity, and therefore this foam is often referred to as "crosslink" or "crosslink polyethylene" foam. The crosslink nature of this foam type causes it to try very hard to rebound to its original shape quickly, which has the effect of introducing a little bit of "bounce" in addition to offering shock absorption. Due to its rigidity, polyethylene does not distribute fall energy broadly. You could consider this a "shock repelling" foam.

What is polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane is a softer, open-cell type of foam that is made in varying degrees of firmness. Because the cells are open and not cross-linked, air can flow throughout the foam just like water can flow throughout a sponge. This characteristic makes the foam softer and gives it the ability to absorb shock energy better. It does not try to rebound as quickly as polyethylene, and it distributes the energy of the compression more broadly. This foam is generally used in products that need to provide more crash protection and are therefore thicker and softer.

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