Fiber Board/Soft Board

Valdor die-cut substrates have been around for decades and are a cost-effective way to replace solid plastic panels.    

Rapid Die-Cut carries virgin and recycled fiberboards, both with moisture barriers. We can also change their internal properties so that performance standards are met. The base color of fiberboard is neutral (tan), but certain colors are available depending on the volume.

Other applications are seat back panels, close-out panels, map pocket substrates, sew strips, sun-visor substrates and lower door inserts. These can have plastic or metal attachments inserted for mounting purposes and be covered with carpet, cloth, foam or vinyl.

The packaging market uses many types of softboard (chipboard) that are fully recycled and provide excellent options when support or protection is needed during transit. Depending on the parts you're trying to secure, certain chipboards can provide stiffness or cushion within a packaging system.

The primary industries that use fiberboard are furniture, seating, marine, RV, automotive as well as packaging components. Fiberboard offers many thicknesses in order to meet the criteria of a given application (.040" to .120"). 

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