Acoustic Foams

Acoustic Foam produces quiet environments by preventing soundwaves from bouncing off hard surfaces.
If you own a noisy business or simply a homeowner with an annoying sound from across the street; foam sound proofing is the answer. Acoustical foam reduces unwanted noise in theaters, studios, churches and industrial shops of all types. Acoustic panels come in certain forms such as…...eggcrate, pyramid, wedges, waves, flat and all types are fire retardant. Many companies have designed their own acoustic panels by incorporating different surface textures and introducing multi-color within that work space. If you choose to design your own panels, simply download your file onto our system and we will get started on your project. Or choose from one of these three common designs below.

Wedge designs seem to be the best seller among music enthusiasts, due to the acoustic values it serves within control rooms and vocal booths. Our wedge patterns are digitally machine cut and are symmetrically the same throughout each individual sheet. Installing wedge foam is easy since the pattern is common and the appearance is professional looking. We provide thicknesses of 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” depending on the consumers budget and ideal performance. The most common wedges are 1”and 2” thicknesses, with the sheet size being 48”x 72”.

The eggcrate design has been around unwanted noise for many decades and offers lower pricing compared to most competitor’s designs. The acoustic properties are consistent and continues to be a favorite among design engineers due to the versatile uses that this foam provides. This eggcrate appearance is seen in many hard case applications and other packaging products as well. We provide thicknesses of 1.5” and 2.5” depending on the consumers budget and ideal performance. These eggcrate sheets are supplied in 48” x 72”.

Our high-performance pyramid design has good sound deadening characteristic. The digital technology involved to cut this pattern is exactly the appearance that many facilities are looking to install. This complex formation has more surface area and absorbs sound differently, but still exceeds the acceptable levels. We provide thicknesses of 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” depending on the consumers acoustic desires. These pyramid sheets are supplied in 48” x 72”.

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