Open Cell Foams

Open Cell Foams are used as cushioning / gasketing for a variety of commercial and consumer products, including bedding & furniture.

Closed Cell Foams

Closed Cell Foams are fabricated into seals, gaskets, anti-rattles, barriers, support blocks, seating inserts and packaging supports.

Felts, Scrim & Flock

There are so many uses throughout the world for polyester felts, wool felts, scrim and flock.


(Poron Equivalent)

LS Foams are low compression set, high density urethane foams for gasketing, sealing and damping applications, and include a variety of thicknesses and densities to meet most application requirements.


Our digital system automatically chooses the correct adhesive based on the substrate your part will be adhering to. We offer a variety of adhesives to meet your performance standards.

Foil Insulation/Heat Shield

Used in applications for automative, marine, packaging, and construction industries, foil and foam insulation and heat shield materials serve a wide variety of markets.

Acoustic/Insulator Fiber

Our large variety of sound deadening products are light weight and have acoustical results available to meet many standards. The fiber products mentioned below can be supplied with and without pressure sensitive adhesive on one side..


Polypropylene sheeting is used for industries that require stiffeners, gaskets, spacers, supports and Class “A” surfaces when colors are needed.

Rubber - Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM

Rubber base products are converted into seals, gaskets, barriers, support pads, cup holders, bin liners, sporting equipment and much more.

Cork (Buna & Neoprene)

All cork rubber combinations are produced under heat and pressure to produce a material that resists extreme weather conditions.

Acoustic Foams

Acoustic Foam produces quiet environments by preventing sound waves from bouncing off hard surfaces.


Carpets, vinyl and fabrics that are produced will be applied in some fashion to substrates involving transportation, furniture and recreational vehicles.

3M Converting Materials

When performance is critical. Choose from a variety of 3M High Performance Materials.

Fiber Board/Soft Board

Valdor die-cut substrates have been around for decades and are a cost-effective way to replace solid plastic panels.


(Garlock Equivalent)

Thermoseal materials are found virtually everywhere fluids or gases have to be safely contained and moved through pipelines and systems. 

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