Die Cutting Experts for the
Construction Industry


1 - 5 Days

We can create 1 part or 1000's at a time.  Choose from over one thousand stock materials — including a variety of colors and textures. Whether your designs are simple or they're complex and include adhesives, we can handle it. Also, we can work in sizes from .125" X .125" up to 50" X 72"  X 72".

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3 - 7 Days

Do you need hundreds or even millions of pieces? We can produce them here. Our in-house tooling and laminating capabilities speed up the work, and we have thousands of in-stock and readily available engineering-grade materials, including custom colors or textures. From small simple projects to large complex projects, we are ready to start when you are.

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High Quality and Tight Tolerance parts

when you need them fast!

Applications include:

•  Gasketing and Sealing  

•  Solar Panel Installation 

•  Mounting, Masking and Signage  

•  Frames and Panels 

•  Bonding Components 

•  Mirror Mounting 

•  Trim Mounting 

•  Window Installation 

•  Sound Deadening and Insulations 

•  Filtration

Materials include:

•  Double-Sided Tapes

•  Silicone Foam

•  Foam Tapes

•  Rubber Tape Products

•  HVAC Tapes

•  Roofing Materials

•  Insulating Tapes

•  Single-Sided and Double-Sided Mounting Tapes 

•  Surface Protection Tapes

•  UV Resistant Tapes

•  VHB Tapes

•  Glazing Tapes

•  And Much More…

Our sales engineers have expertise in material selection,  plus, we are a 3M™ Associate Converter. 

•  Open Cell Foams

•  Felts, Scrim & Flock 

•  Acoustic/Insulator Fiber

•  Cork

•  Garlock Gasket Products

•  3M™ VHB Foam Tapes 

•  3M™ Protective Films 

•  Closed Cell Foams

•  Fiberboard (Soft Board)

•  Plastics

•  Acoustic Foams

•  All 3M™ Materials

•  3M™ Thermal Management

•  3M™ Reclosable Fasteners

•  Adhesives

•  Foil Insulation/Heat Shield

•  Rubber Products

•  Textiles/Vinyls

•  3M™ Adhesive Tapes

•  3M™ Foam Lamination Tapes

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