Oversize and Contour

We can cut and contour even large foam.


Any application. Any industry.

At Rapid Die-Cut, we can create anything from simple to complex parts out of a variety of different foam materials while exceeding industry standard tolerances. The foam we can cut ranges from open cell to low density closed cell as well as many other specialty foams. Plus, we can do it all within the most aggressive timeline.

Versatile and fast

Our large contour saw can cut multiple angles and radiuses so there’s no limit to how complicated or detailed of a shape you require. From 1 off samples to 1000's at a time. We can fabricate your parts as quick as One day!

We can contour and shape all kinds of foam quickly with quality in mind.


Our equipment is state-of-the art, offering unmatched precision.

We can cut unusual shapes and sizes.

Equipped for any industry

Just to name a few we serve defense, aerospace, medical, industrial, transportation, automotive, appliances, packaging, consumer products. Our contour cutting capabilities are ideal for any industry. We can provide a level of precision that would make an engineer blush combined with speed that’s unheard of in large contour foam production. If your needs are unique and your quality requirements are above standard you need Rapid Die-Cut.

Custom Cases



Consumer Packaging

Recreational Vehicles


Sporting Goods



Get a quote and order parts with ease.

Start by using our fast, online quoting system and instant quote tool. You can get a real quote in seconds. We also have a direct quote option that allows you to submit your requirements and CAD drawings directly to one of our sales engineers. They’ll get you a quote within hours, not days. If you don’t have a CAD drawing, no worries, we can help you create one.

Get started today.

Our proprietary automated digital manufacturing platform eliminates bottlenecks and allows us to create anywhere from one part to thousands at a time. We can also offer a level of speed, precision and quality that no one can match. Want to start production this week?