Polypropylene plastic is widely used throughout all industries.

Polypropylene sheeting is used for industries that require stiffeners, gaskets, spacers, supports and Class “A” surfaces when colors are needed. Our plastic is 100% recyclable and we offer it with grained or smooth surfaces both with and without adhesive. It comes in many thicknesses but the most popular are .020" .030" .040" and .060".

Corrugated plastic is a multi-functional product that has applications in over 20 industries. It's waterproof, lightweight and is ideal for returnable totes, pallet separators, product padding, construction, signage, RV panels, hobbies, pet enclosures, medical, shipping containers and much more!

Corrugated plastics do not rot or warp like cardboard and that makes them ideal for long-term packaging aids. We can cut 3mm (.118”), 5mm (.197”) & 8mm (.315”). Corrugated plastic comes in a variety of colors with blue, black and white being the most common used.

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