In stock materials ready to custom cut to any shape or size with or without adhesive.

We can fabricate all polyester and wool felts to your custom design and specifications. Felts can come with or without adhesives applied to one or both sides. Felt materials have many applications in all industries from crafting to automotive. Felts vary in thickness and color to meet your custom application needs.

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Polyester Felt

Specialty Polyester Felt designer boards are extremely eye catching with a firm feel. Designer board is so versatile, it can be die-cut or digitally cut for your custom application. Offered in 35 vibrant colors.

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Wool Felt

Wool Felts have a broad range of functions as industrial gaskets, anti-rattle pads, crate lining, and appliance shock absorbers. offered in 8 colors.

Pressed Wool F-Series Felts are made from superior wool fibers and joined by pressure, moisture, vibration, and heat. These felts have many uses as filters, gaskets, oil seals, insulation, and shock dampeners.

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Common Felt Applications

 Medical Nonwoven Fabric & Filters

 Automotive Air Filtration

 Automotive Interior Trim

 Water Filtration

 Architectural Design

 Appliance Gaskets & Anti-Vibration

 Aerospace Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

 High Temperature Gaskets

 Fire Blocking Layers

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