Wool Felts

In stock materials ready to custom cut to any shape or size with or without adhesive.

Wool Felts have a broad range of functions such as industrial gasketing, anti-rattle pads, exhibit crate lining, and shock absorbers for appliances. Available with or without pressure sensitive adhesives.

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100% Wool Felts

Thicknesses Available:

3mm - 25mm

Tensile Strength:

500 PSI

Naturally Flame Resistant

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Pressed Wool Felt (F-Series)

Thicknesses Available:

.063” - 1”

Tensile Strength:

1000 ±20%

Mass Per Unit Area (GSM):

1500gsm ±10%

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Wool Felt Applications

Gaskets & Seals

Sound Reduction

Weather Stripping


BSR (Buzz, Squeak, Rattle)

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