Graphite Laminate Gasket Material

In stock materials ready to custom cut to any shape or size with or without adhesive.


Homogeneous sheet made from flexible graphite foil layers. HL is highly compressible and compactable allowing for low gas permeability with low electrical resistance. Equivalent to Garlock Graph-Lock 3123 and 3125.

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PSM has a 0.1mm thick perforated stainless steel insert. This aids material handling properties and increases the blow-out resistance. The insert is mechanically bonded and does not rely on adhesive. Equivalent to Garlock Graph-Lock 3125TC.

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SLS is especially suited for weak flanges at high temperatures. Consists of pure exfoliated layers on graphite bonded to a stainless steel insert. Equivalent to Garlock Graph-Lock 3125SS.

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KLINGER Graphite MLX Xtreme

High performance material suitable in heavy-duty conditions due to its very high compressive strength. Equivalent to Garlock Graph-Lock 3128.

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