Advantages and Disadvantages Silicone Rubber.

Is silicone right for you?

Silicone rubber is one of the most commonly used synthetic rubbers.  It is composed of silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. A strong and versatile elastomer sought out for its flexibility, wide operating temperature, moisture resistance, and electrical properties.

These unique properties make silicone a highly useful material for a variety of products including gaskets, washers, and other sealing applications.


Great Temperature Resistance and Flexibility

Silicone rubber may withstand temperatures ranging from -150 to 550F before melting or becoming brittle. With a maximum elongation of ~700% and tensile strength of 200 to 1500psi.

Low Compression Set

Silicone retains its original shape when compressed for long periods. Upon release, it will return to nearly 100% of its prior dimensions with minimal deformation. This is highly important for sealing and closure applications.

Low Conductivity

Silicone rubber is a great electrical insulator and does not conduct heat or electricity. 

Weatherability and UV Resistance

Highly resistant to UV, ozone, and weather exposure. Silicone rubber products have an incredibly long lifespan in outdoor  applications without breaking down. Some surface dulling and/or chalking may occur, but it will not impair the products properties.


Oil and Tear Resistance

Silicone is not oil resistance for long periods of time and may swell after long interactions with oil and other fuels. It is neither abrasion or tear resistance and will become stiff at higher operating temperatures.


Due to low surface energy, silicone rubbers do not adhere or bond well to many surfaces. Surface treatments and primers are required to achieve adhesion.


Silicone can be challenging to manufacture compared to other rubber products as it often requires specialized equipment and expertise to handle. These factors contribute to its higher cost.


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