Rubber Products

Rubber base products are converted into seals, gaskets, barriers, support pads, cup holders, bin liners, sporting equipment and much more.

The rubber industry supplies materials such as: Santoprene, Viton, Neoprene (CR), Silicone, EPDM, and General-Purpose Rubber. TPV’s (thermoplastic vulcanizates) like “Santoprene” are a combination of extruded plastic and rubber and can be used in many products across all industries. These can be supplied in various colors and can have smooth or grained surfaces.

Fluoropolymer elastomers such as “Viton” are a specific brand of synthetic rubber that's commonly used to manufacture chemical resistant seals and gaskets. Viton is offered in various thicknesses and durometers with black being the base color.

The food industry welcomes flexible rubbers like Silicone (FDA approved) due to its natural resistance to bacteria build-up. Food grade silicones exceed requirements for food processing temperatures ranging from freezing to boiling. Even during extreme heat, food grade silicone remains odorless and tasteless.

We can also use general purpose and recycled rubbers to meet your specifications. Most rubber based products can be supplied with and without pressure sensitive adhesive on one or both sides.

Why “Elastomers”?

Chemical Resistance, High & Low Temperature Resistance, Resistant to Staining, Excellent Flexibility & Durability.