Felts, Scrim & Flock

There are so many uses throughout the world for polyester felts, wool felts, scrim and flock. We can fabricate to your custom design and specifications. Polyester felts come with and without adhesive are used throughout all industries from crafting to automotive (buzz, squeak and rattle applications). In particular, Polyester felt comes in various thicknesses 1.0mm (.040”), 2.0mm (.080”), 3.0mm (.125”), 4.0mm (.157”) and 5.0mm (.197”). This product comes in standard colors of black and white.

Specialty Polyester Felt

Specialty polyester felt (Designer Board – 1500gsm @ .354” thick) is extremely eye catching and is made from regular and low melt polyester fibers, which gives it the firm feel. Designer Board is so versatile, it can be die-cut or digitally cut to your custom design. This durable and resilient felt material can used for decorative pieces, arts, crafts and custom uses when look and sound control are important. This material is offered in 35 vibrant colors, allowing for more creativity with design engineers as well as architects. PET Felt of this quality opens many doors for unique patterns and can be used in many scenarios such as ceiling designs and customized wall finishes and is ideal for sticking pins and tacks. This material can be supplied with & without pressure sensitive adhesive.
Specialty Polyester Felt 

Wool Felt

Wool Felts are another appealing fiber to mention which has a board range of functions such as industrial gasketing, anti-rattle pads, exhibit crate lining, shock absorbers for appliances. Available thicknesses with wool are 3mm to 25mm and can be provided with adhesive. Here are the colors offered for 3mm thickness: Cardinal Red, Denim Blue, Fern Green, Marigold, Northwood Brown, Camel, Black and Graphite.
100% Wool Felt Samples  

Pressed Wool Felt(F-Series)

F-Series felt is made from superior wool fibers which are joined by pressure, moisture, vibration and heat. These wool fibers have small barbs within their structure which forces the filaments to interlock during the “wet process”.Our wool felts have many uses such as filters, gaskets, grease retainers, oil seals, insulation, shock dampeners, polishing blocks and saddle pads. Standard colors are offered with thicknesses starting from .063” to one 1-inch.
F-Series Wool Felt Samples  

Flock materials make excellent anti-rattle pads (BSR) in limited gap areas involving plastic panels and any other materials with interference. Flock is also used in jewelry boxes, counter displays/trays, crafting and lining cases for specialty instruments. This quality nylon flock can be supplied in 2 colors (black & white) and only one thickness of 1.0mm (.040”). Our type flock can be supplied with and without aggressive acrylic adhesive on the backside. Both colors of flock can be supplied in individual pieces or on a sheet adhesive for easy removal.

Scrim is another material that is used quit often for automotive BSR’s, and widely used on furniture products. This high-quality diamondback scrim has been used as back drops within the photograph industry involving special lighting effects. Other areas that diamondback is commonly used is the sewing of upholstery fabric as well as closing out furniture frames. The black or white polypropylene scrim can be supplied with and without aggressive acrylic adhesive on the backside. It is called diamondback for a reason……the unique pattern on the face-side makes this material a prime candidate for many decorative applications (Thickness: .014”).