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Polyether Polyurethane foam is a flexible, open-cell foam that has a near-infinite amount of applications due to its phenomenal characteristics. Featuring lower temperature flexibility, higher resistance to fungi, better hydrolytic stability, better cushioning capabilities, and superior resistance to moisture.

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G430RL Polyether

4.40 ft/lb3 density.

• Tensile Strength: 50psi.

• Elongation: 120%.

• Tear Resistance: 4.00pli.

• Meets FMVSS 302.

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EMR1 Polyether

 1.50 ft/lb3 density.

• Tensile Strength: 20psi.

• Elongation: 250%.

• Tear Resistance: 2.00pli.

• Meets FMVSS 302.

Contains additives to retard microbial growth and degradation.

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Common Polyether Applications:

Acoustics & Thermal Insulation

• Protective Packaging

• Appliance Filters, Gaskets, & Vibration Pads

• Storage Cases

• Lab & Pharmaceutical packs

• Construction materials

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