Neoprene Rubber

High quality engineered rubber to ensure your products are meeting performance and regulatory compliance standards.


Neoprene rubber is an all-purpose elastomer that resists degradation from the sun, ozone, and weather. With a high performance in contact with oils and chemicals. Neoprene maintains its strength over a wide temperature range. White Neoprene is FDA approved for food and medical applications.


Thicknesses Available

1/32” - 1”


40D - 70D

Temperature Range:

-20F to 170F

Tensile Strength:

1000 PSI


Smooth or Textured


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Neoprene Applications

• Gaskets & Seals

• Wetsuits

• Noise Isolation

• Electrical Insulation

• Flame Resistance

• Hose Covers

• Chemical Resistance

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