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Polyether Polyurethane foam is a flexible, open-cell foam that has a near-infinite amount of applications due to its phenomenal characteristics. Featuring lower temperature flexibility, higher resistance to fungi, better hydrolytic stability, better cushioning capabilities, and superior resistance to moisture.

G430RL Polyether

4.40 ft/lb3 density.

•  Tensile Strength: 50psi.

•  Elongation: 120%.

• Tear Resistance: 4.00pli. 

• Meets FMVSS 302.


EMR1 Polyether

 1.50 ft/lb3 density.

•  Tensile Strength: 20psi.

•  Elongation: 250%.

• Tear Resistance: 2.00pli.

•  Meets FMVSS 302 .

• Contains additives to retard microbial growth and degradation.


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Common Polyether Applications:

Acoustics & Thermal Insulation

•  Protective Packaging

•  Appliance Filters, Gaskets, & Vibration Pads

•  Storage Cases

• Lab & Pharmaceutical packs

•  Construction materials

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