Polyester Felt

In stock materials ready to custom cut to any shape or size with or without adhesive.

Polyester felts are durable and resilient material used for decorative pieces, and custom uses when look and sound control are important. Offered in 35 vibrant colors. Can be supplied with or without pressure sensitive adhesives.

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Polyester Felts

Thicknesses Available:

.5mm - 3mm

Tensile Strength:

100% - 830% (ASTM D5034)

Melting Point:



100GSM - 650GSM

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Designer Board Felt

Thicknesses Available:


Tensile Strength:

1000% ±20%


PET ND (60% Recycled PET) 1500gsm

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Polyester Felt Applications

Filtration Devices


Weather Stripping

Window Lining

BSR (Buzz, Squeak, Rattle)

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