EPP Foam

High quality engineered foams to ensure your products are meeting performance and regulatory compliance standards.

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Foams are lightweight and highly durable for packaging and component solutions Ideal for shipping, crating, and applications that require extended stacking strength, impact, and shock vibration. EPP Foams can be supplied with or without pressure sensitive adhesives applied to one or both sides.

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EPP Foam

High static compression

High drop-test requirement passes

High service temperature

Excellent electrical insulator

Durable packaging component protection

Lightweight cost-effective

Excellent chemical resistance

100% recyclable material

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Common EPP Applications

Automotive Components

Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Liners

Synthetic Turf Shock Padding for Fields Playgrounds

Vibration and NVH Dampening

Protective Packaging

Thermal Floor Underlayment

Military Armor Composites

Compression Void Fill Sound Blocking

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