ISOLOSS™ LS Polyurethane

(Poron Equivalent)

Consistent and repeatable processing with a high degree

of dimensional accuracy.

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What is LS Polyurethane Foam Used For

Whether the application is for gasketing, cushioning, sealing, vibration  management, or acoustics control — LS Polyurethane Foams provide  an all purpose solution across many industries. LS Foams are microcellular  open cell polyurethane foams with a low compression set to maintain  the components original fit, form, and function throughout the product's  lifecycle. The highly shock absorbent, and flame and chemical resistant  foams provide strength and longevity in extreme environments with  a wide temperature range. Click here to watch a compression set demo.

LS Foams are low compression set, high density urethane foams for gasketing, sealing and damping applications, and include a variety of thicknesses and densities to meet most application requirements.

Low Compression Set

The foam rebounds to maintain the same fit, form, and function throughout the product's lifecycle.


Highly shock absorbent, and flame and chemical resistant foams provide strength and longevity in extreme environments and temperatures.

Variety of Densities & Thicknesses

A unique combination of design features allow for custom made solutions for different applications.

Energy Control

From sensitive electronics to earth shaking heavy equipment, protect critical equipment from impact, shock, and vibration.

Gasketing & Sealing

UL gasket & sealing rated and pairs well with 3M™ Laminating Adhesives.

Cushioning & Support

Soft and supportive foam that conforms to the design and fills gaps to protect equipment.

LS part Number Designation

Example: LS-1025LM

LS - Material Family

10 - Density (ft/lb3 or lcf)

25 - Thickness (hundreds of an inch)

LM/HM - Low/High Modulus

If no modulus rating is listed the material is considered a standard modulus/stiffness for that density.

Thickness (in.) Density (ft/lb3 or lcf)
10 15 20 25
0.03 LS-2003 LS-2503
0.06 LS-1006LM LS-1506 LS-2006 LS-2506
0.09 LS-1009LM LS-1509 LS-2009 LS-2509
0.12 LS-1012LM LS-1512 LS-2012 LS-2512
0.19 LS-1019LM LS-1519 LS-2019 LS-2519
0.25 LS-1025LM LS-1525 LS-2025 LS-2525
0.37 LS-1037LM LS-1537
0.50 LS-1050LM LS-1550

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Common Applications Include:

•  Gasketing

•  Light duty sealing

•  Enclosure seals

•  Gap filling

•  Vibration damping

•  Shock absorbing

•  Impact absorption

•  Padding

•  Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle (BSR)

•  Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH)

•  Equipment & component mounts


ISOLOSS LS Polyurethane


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