Cork (Buna & Neoprene)

Cork and Rubber composites are great for many gasket applications due to the closed cell structure that's created once the two products become one.     

All cork rubber combinations are produced under heat and pressure to produce a material that resists extreme weather conditions, but maintains the ability to seal and provide chemical compatibility.

Cork gaskets using these materials are designed for low pressure service and compressibility performance during low torque or bolt down type assemblies. Both Buna and Neoprene corks have excellent oil resistant properties and cost less compared to other sealing materials. Both of these cork and rubber combinations have a service temperature reaching 250°F (common thicknesses are .062” and .125”).  

Gasket parts using these materials can be installed on uneven surfaces and still maintain a complete seal. These cork rubbers can be used in many applications but are commonly used in general seal covers, crank cases, electric motors, engine gaskets, sump pump seals, case covers, industrial inspection doors, machine valve covers, transformers, switch gears, and HVAC vibration gaskets.